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Adult Prom


JULY 11, 2020


21+ only

$75 Couple / $40 Solo


Am I supposed to wear a prom dress/tux?

Ummm, YEAH! Is your old one packed away? Break that beauty out! In the mood to buy a new one? Start shopping. Considering reusing a bridesmaids dress or old suit? Great idea! We don't care how new it is, but formal attire is expected.

Will there be a Prom Queen and King?

You betcha! However, you won't be expected to dance in front of everyone if you win. You and your date (or a friend) will have the chance to snap a photo at our Photo Station. When you post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #AdultPromJxn, you could win a stellar prize by the end of the evening. 

Is this just for fun?

We're all about a good time, but this event does have a bigger purpose. 100% of ticket sales will be given back to female entrepreneurs in the Jackson area in the form of grants that help them start or grow their business. 

Who is hosting this event?

Michigan Tribe! We offer events and micro-grants for female entrepreneurs in the Jackson Area. Plus, this event would not be possible without our sponsor, CP Federal Credit Union, who inspires entrepreneurs (and non-entrepreneurs) to create legacy defining moments. Contributing partners are companies such as Worthy Occasions, RJs Heavenly Delights, Big Guy Catering, DJ Mike Holiday, Commonwealth Commerce Center, and more!

Do I have to be a female entrepreneur to attend?

Nope! Dudes and non-entrepreneurs are absolutely invited to prom!

Can I buy a "$75 Couples" ticket for my friend and I?

Sure! We're good with that. 

Will dinner be served?

There's no dinner per se, but we will have a grazing table with appetizers & dessert. We recommend you treat this just like back-in-the-day and plan a dinner first, then join us at 7pm for dancing and a cash bar.

Why do female entrepreneurs need micro-grants?

We offer micro-grants because women are less likely to have the funds sitting around to invest because of gender pay gaps and maternity leaves, and women are often discriminated against when applying for a loan at a bank. Most importantly, women in Jackson will be more successful at business if they're given more connections and access to funds.

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